Statement about

While I will remain loyal to the MuseScore notation software, which continues to be top-of-the-line and constantly improving in all regards, the website, which hosts the scores for most of my compositions on this website, has seen a decline with its recent design decisions made over the past few months.

For the past years, it has been a known problem that 1.) Scores which have custom audio rarely will play on this website, namely when using Google Chrome. The workaround was to provide a link to a full-screen embedded score which worked most of the time. However, the recent regressions not just in design, but with the website developers' diligence in addressing user feedback, have exacerbated this negative user experience to the point where I have decided it is no longer a valuable investment in time and money to deliver my compositions on this website through 

As such, I will be terminating my "PRO" subscription through, which allowed me to set the custom audio as the default to the score, effective 9 June, 2024.

I am beginning the slow transition of the majority of my scores to instead be presented through a embedded score video from before this date, which can be seen already completed for Op. 16 - Anxiety! . An option will still exist to view the score on

However, two regressions will exist for these select scores:

1. Effective 9 June, 2024, for the option to get less MIDI-sounding default playback, one will have to use the "synthesizer" menu to adjust the audio source

2. A static YouTube video, whose only purpose was to provide custom audio, wastes a major amount of real estate on the score, despite audio settings specifying "Audio Only" (as already seen).

If you would like to leave feedback on a better way in which I can present my scores on this website, or a better format to deliver them through YouTube embeds, please contact me.

I will continue to publish all of my scores via, as the majority of my compositional publicity comes from that website. However, as demonstrated in the image below, it continues to be plagued by new issues, and the recent futility of attempting to bring this to the developers' attention via Improving, as it once was possible to do in the previous years, makes this a bleak prospect.

1. Erroneous duration displayed for scores exceeding 1 hour; custom audio sometimes fails altogether to play
2. YouTube video providing source audio displayed over all scores despite audio settings specifying "Audio Only", wasting a major amount of real estate
3. ( only) Completely non-sequitir and sometimes disparaging associations displayed with original compositions