Camilo's Questionable Works
The compositions below are mostly all of my joke pieces. Some are experiments of the music notation software, and I spend a small amount of my free time (which I have a lot of) working on them.
This short fanfare, which blasts in my head during my many failed efforts to soclialize and make friends, I have composed for the most grand disappointments in life.
Sorrow and despair linger in this piece with the somber drones of the concert plastic lid and straw. This is a short sonata I created using samples of rubbing a straw up and down the lid of a plastic Starbucks cup.
The euphonious sounds of the concert kazoo flow harmoniously with the mellow tones of the toy piano in this work of "perfection".
This is a short and profoundly low piece I created using the lowest and the rarest of instruments.