Camilo Aybar

Online Portal

Welcome to the Camilo Aybar Online Portal. You will find all of my sites, social media pages, online projects and media below.

Personal Activities

Ongoing: Updated Frequently

MuseScore Page

The platform where I upload my musical compositions.

Last Update: 27 Jun 2023

Livestream/Video Archive

All of the livestreams I hosted for my highschool using OBS and the video productions I have created voluntarily.

Last Update: 16 Aug 2021

"Transit Person" Youtube Channel

I am also a transit enthusiast; videos of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission in Action are featured on this channel.

School Projects

Last Update: 08 May 2023

Videography Class Archive

Some of the videos I produced during my time taking Videography 11 with Ms. Tina O'Keeffe at Esquimalt High School.

Last Update: 14 Feb 2021

Photography 10 Portfolio

Originally created for the Grade 10 Photography Course led by Aaron Witzke at Esquimalt High School, this site features my best photographs.

Finished: 11 Jun 2020

"Sophie's World" Philosophy 9 Project

For my Grade 9 Philosophy Course led by Anita Roberts at Esquimalt High School, I was assigned to create a "menu" of philosophers at a fictional restaurant after reading the novel Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. I decided to make the menu online, as is suitible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finished: 14 May 2020

"Parts of a Speaker" Science 9 Project

Created for the "How it Works" Science 9 Project by Clark Schwab at Esquimalt High School,  this site explains the inner workings of speakers.