I first began my venture into the vast world of music composition when a short melody randomly popped up in my head and interminably played in my thoughts. I wished to hear this melody audible in reality, so I downloaded a musical notation program named “MuseScore”. I had a basic understanding of music theory at that time (2017), as I had just joined the beginner band playing the clarinet at my former school. After a few minutes of playing around with the notation software, I had managed to create an exact replica of what I heard in my mind. I named the 9 second composition “Rolling Hoops” (Op. 0) as the melody mostly came up in my head when rolling hula hoops around in physical education for some reason.

At that time, I realized that I had discovered something to do in my life that has meaning, as opposed to living the depressing and pointless life of wasting time watching YouTube videos of people wasting their time playing video games. However, YouTube to me was not all bad as it later played a prime role in helping me learn music composition. 

Music composition has enabled me to express the emotions I previously could not comfortably voice through dialogue, as I am not the most social individual. It helped me get through the pain of a global pandemic, the passing of my grandmother, unrequited love, and the many verbal conflicts which boomed throughout my household. Emotions of joy and excitement have also been displayed in my music, as I find the process of sharing/performing my compositions to be exceptionally enjoyable, thrilling, and satisfying.