Upcoming Compositions

Publication dates are only estimates and may be completely inaccurate. Some compositions below could possibly be scrapped and never published, or some may be published or be put on this website as a "work without opus" without ever appearing on this list.
The "UT" catalogue number stands for unpublished theme.


Op. 12

Duet for Flute and Alto Saxophone 

"The Five Stages of Grief"

Composition process started on 25 April, 2020
Completed 29 Sep 2020. To be published after its premiere eventually?


If there is a piece in the "top priority" category, little time is spent working on these pieces. If there is no piece in the "top priority" category, I tend to cycle between these pieces when working on them. There are no due dates or expectations in regards to its completion.

String Quartet No. 1 in G Major 

Composition process started on 25 February, 2020
To be published by Spring 2024

Symphony No. 2 in F♯ Minor

"The Futile Pursuit of Love" 

Composition process started on 11 December, 2021
Mvt. 1 started on 11 Dec 2021, completed 22 Aug 2022Mvt. 2 started on 18 Sep 2022, completed 27 May 2023Mvt. 3 started on 2 Jan 2023, to be completed December 2023
Mvt. 4 started on 8 Mar 2023, to be completed February 2025

Entire symphony to be published by February 2025

Trio No. 2 in C Minor
for Clarinet, Viola and Piano

Composition process started on 03 September, 2021
Mvt. 1 to be completed by Nov 2023
To be published early 2025

Clarinet Concerto in G Minor

Composition process started on 8 December, 2019
Mvt. 1 to be published by Summer 2024
Entire concerto to be published by mid 2025

Viola Concerto in C Minor

Composition process started on 07 May, 2023
To be published late 2025


These compositions are in a sort of "limbo". Very little to no time is spent on them until I finish a few higher-priority compositions or I suddenly get an idea for one of them. In either of those cases, the compositon would move out of "third priority".

Flute Trio with Piano in E Minor

Composition process started on 18 November, 2019
Unknown publish date